Canon 350D IR Filter Modification

Canon 350D IR Filter Modification

Page 1: Introduction and Camera disassembly
Page 2: Filter Replacement
Page 3: Camera reassembly

Filter Replacement

So you should now be left with the CMOS sensor section, looking like this:

18) Turn it over and remove these 2 screws, to remove the metal shield.

19) Remove the other 2 screws holding down the filter assembly.

20) It is still held down with a layer of gluey plastic, so pry it away using a screwdriver or similar.
Being careful not to damage the filter, or the sensor surface underneath.
Now the sensor is exposed, seal it away in an antistatic bag to keep it from dust and static.

21) Remove the piece of gluey plastic that was holding it down, using a knife to get underneath if necessary.

22) Flip it over and use a thin knife (or scalpel blade) to remove the other bit of sticky plastic.

23) Just one step left to free the filter. It is held in by black rubbery glue. Cut through it, all the way around using a knife.
Eventually you will be able to lift the filter free from one corner.

Putting the two filters side by side, you can see how much red light is blocked by the original (right).

24) (Did several things without taking photos here:)
Seat the new filter in the holder, and secure it with some blobs of glue.
Glue the rectangular sticky bits of plastic back to the filter holder.
Seat the filter assembly back onto the CMOS sensor.

25) Put the metal shield back in place, and secure the whole thing with the 4 screws.

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