Canon 350D IR Filter Modification

Canon 350D IR Filter Modification

Page 1: Introduction and Camera disassembly
Page 2: Filter Replacement
Page 3: Camera reassembly

Camera reassembly

It's not over yet, putting it all back together is just as hard as taking it apart.

26)Re-seat the sensor assembly and secure using the 5 screws, the 2 short ones are indicated.

27) First reconnect the black-wired cable to the main circuit board (the black part of the connector faces the board)
Carefully place the circuit board back into the camera, ensuring none of the ribbon cables are trapped beneath.
This is the trickiest part; reconnect each of the ribbon cables and secure them with the lock down tab.
You may need to use a pointed object to hook each cable with the little hole. I found this order to reconnect them the easiest:

28) Push the red-wired cable back in its socket.

29) Slide the part of the metal CF compartment back into place as so.

30) Place the metal shield back in place, and connect by soldering the 5 tabs circled in blue.
Screw in the 4 screws circled in red. Note: I found the bottom-right one is slightly wider than the others.

31) Screw in the screw from behind the removed bit of plastic on the left hand panel.

32) Clip the left panel back into place.

33) Having double checked that you have reconnected everything correctly, reattach the two ribbon cables from the back part of the camera.

34) Gently push the two parts back together so they clip in place.

35) Screw in the 2 screws from the left side panel.

36) Screw in the 3 screws in the CF compartment, the middle one is a shinier silver than the other two.

37) Screw in the 5 screws from underneath, remembering that the indicated one is longer.

If all has gone well, you should be left with something like this:
All that is left is to put the battery and CF card back in and make sure it all works.

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